Everyone has something to offer!



Everyone has something to offer!

 ABC News reported a story about a mother of three in Indianapolis who, being short of cash, started a barter movement in her community by agreeing to babysit for her neighbour in exchange for fixing her van. Meg Madison's neighbours and friends got involved. Not only did they find that bartering helps their businesses, but also that dealing with people directly in this way creates a positive feel of community.

Especially in these times of economic recession, swapping is a lifeline for many individuals and businesses that are squeezed out of cash. A whole shop was opened in Manhattan, where you can take something with you as long as you bring something in.

In the recent years with the advent of modern technology swapping has become easier with the help of websites such as myswango.com. Internet allows for finding the trickiest matches: Maths tutoring for a carpet or solicitor services for landscaping.

Myswango's interface allows you, quickly and easily, to tell people what you offer and what you want. Myswango includes a convenient search facility, where you can find people and they offer by category and location.   

Adele Guillen, the Founder of myswango, tells her story of coming up with the idea. It all started with a successful swap between Adele and a beauty therapist in Australia. Adele lived there on a temporary working visa. Her beauty therapist offered a particularly sought-after treatment, which proved to be financially demanding, as it required repeated visits. However, Adele had business advice skills, which the beauty therapist needed to get her business grow.

The exchange happened to everyone's satisfaction: Adele was happy with her new look. The beauty therapist got many new clients. Money did not come into it.

You can do it too on myswango. Price your goods and services in SWANGOS, the website's own currency. Swap what you have directly with other members of myswango community, or pay them with SWANGOS.  Someone might even want to pay you with ┬ús. Or try the mix of all of the above.

Everyone has something to offer! This is myswango's underlying principle and guide to action. Once you start swapping, there is no limit to what you can get from it: both in the sense of acquiring goods and gaining more human connections.