The idea for MYSWANGO came from a fleeting thought 2 years ago while living in Australia on a temporary working visa.

I was on my way to a new appointment for a beauty treatment and on my 20 minute journey I re-captured the conversation I had earlier with the beauty therapist.  She was just starting up business, working from home and trying to improve her home/work balance.  She offered a unique treatment that I had seen before and was desperate to try out.  It was inexpensive but it was going to turn into a regular occurrence.  In other words, I would be re-visiting every couple of weeks.

I thought to myself, this is going to turn out more costly than I thought.  That’s when the light bulb moment came…

Why don’t I offer her my expertise in business … maybe she needs her books keeping in order … or marketing help to improve her customer base … and in return she can provide my bi-weekly treatments?

Now, how would that work I asked myself? 

Easy, she works out how many bi-weekly treatments she could offer me for my business advice­/book-keeping etc.  Then, we can come to an arrangement without having to pay.

I got 6 months of free treatments!  And I looked so much better.  It worked!!! 

Why isn’t everyone doing this I then asked myself?  That was on the 26th May 2012 and I have thought of nothing else since!

It’s not a new concept of course… before we had money this was what we did all the time, trade with each other our goods and services.  It’s called ‘Bartering’.  My goods and services in exchange for yours…simple!

Tradespeople have been doing this for years…I’ll paint some rooms in your house if you put in a new bathroom in my house.  Deal!

You may be thinking, what if the services of another cost more than mine?  Well…you can do two things:-

1.        You can arrange to offer more of the cheaper good/service until you cover the cost of the more expensive one or;

2.       You can pay a little towards it in SWANGOS (keep reading!) or even cash, and the rest you agree to the exchange of what you’re offering each other.

Now, what we’ve done is to go a step further and offer you the ultimate in your bartering experience...­why not use a virtual currency, like a trade (£) to buy your goods and services without the need for using any cash?  How (?) you’re wondering…

We provide a system where you can earn credits by offering anything such as goods and services.  You don’t have to be in business nor do you need to be qualified or experienced.  You can simply think of something you can offer and put it into you MYSWANGO profile.   If you don’t find a direct swap with someone else, then just earn SWANGOS (our virtual money) to build up your credit and then buy whatever you want from another member on our site.  You don’t have to exchange with just one other member…make this your chance to buy and sell without spending a penny!

For example, you may be offering cakes and want a plumber to fix something in your house.  A plumber may not be looking for a cake supplier but not to worry…there are three other members looking for your goods.  You sell and earn SWANGOS, and then you look for a plumber on our site.  When you find someone you’re happy with you agree on how many SWANGOS to pay him and ‘deal done’!  SWANGOS will be automatically transferred from your SWANGOS balance to his. 

This mean you can buy what you want, whenever you want, from whom you want, without the need for cash. 

Happy swapping!

MYSWANGO (Swap and Go!)